St. Katharine Drexel School Curriculum includes learning experiences designed to facilitate spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, and psychomotor growth.  Individual student needs, abilities, and interests are considered in shaping and implementing the curriculum, which will develop a student’s relationship with God, self, and world.  Teachers, administrators, parents, and students are involved in developing, planning, implementing, evaluating, and revising the curriculum.


SKDS curriculum reflects the stated Catholic mission, vision, philosophy, and goals of our school. 

  1. SKDS curriculum takes account of the ideals, the realities, and the diversity of American culture as well as global awareness.
  2. SKDS curriculum reflects the fundamental principles of growth and development and best practices implemented by schools.  It recognizes and makes provisions for faith formation, diverse cultures, special needs, and learning styles.
  3. SKDS continually evaluates and revises its curriculum.  Annually, a different area is reviewed.
  4. The SKDS curriculum provides for a wide range of instructional strategies and assessment methods in the building of faith community and the development of all curricular areas.
  5. SKDS uses the exit expectation and alignment grids provided by the Office for Schools.  SKDS staff has developed an on-going plan to align curriculum, instruction, and assessment in all content areas.  Specific written curriculum includes philosophy, goals, grade level exit expectations, instructional strategies, and assessment methods which are aligned with state and national standards.
  6. SKDS is required to and follows the Academic Standards as developed by Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
  7. Technology is integrated into the SKDS curriculum.  As a result teaching and learning are enhanced resulting in improved achievement

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