SKDS Endowment Fund

jlz5v917cpjh0qjbmj17d1bp6vl.JPEGAn Endowment Fund is one in which contributions are invested to provide a steady flow of income. 
Only such income is used for the purpose of the fund. A contribution to the endowment fund is unique in that it never stops giving.

Endowment Fund contributions help ensure Catholic education in Beaver Dam for many years to come.  Each year, St. Katharine Drexel Parish contributions support approximately one-half of the school budget.  The remaining half of the school expenses are supported through tuition paid by school families, and various third-source funding initiatives.  The cost of maintaining our school and providing a high-quality faith-based education remains challenging and formidable.  Thus, we have the desire and the need to secure additional support through the Endowment Fund, which presently supports a significant portion of school budget annually.

For more information, contact the Parish Office at 920-887-2082.