EAD PlaytimeThe Extend-A-Day program is designed for our 3K and 4K children. Our 3K children can come PMs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and/or full days on Tuesday/Thursday.  The 4K program operates opposite their AM or PM classes. Our Extend-A-Day Coordinator works closely with our 3K and 4K teacher to reinforce, enrich, and expand the learning that occurs during the 3K and 4K classes.

For morning 3K and 4K students, school is from 8:15 until 11:00AM and Extend-A-Day is from 11 until 3:15. For afternoon 4K students, Extend-A-Day is offered from 8:15AM until 12:15PM and school is from 12:15 until 3:00PM. For 3K students using Tuesday and Thursday, Extend-A-Day is offered from 8:15AM until 3:15PM

We invite you to consider using our Extend-A-Day program one to five days per week. The fee for Extend-A-Day is $14 per half day, $28 for full day for the 2020-2021 school year. Your child may eat hot lunch for $2.75 (2020-2021) per day or you may choose to bring a cold lunch from home. Milk is available with cold lunch for 40¢.

Extend-A-Day provides:

  • Additional learning experiences in the areas of reading readiness, language, math, science and art.
  • Opportunities to develop fine motor skills through printing, coloring, gluing and painting.
  • Opportunities to develop gross motor skills.
  • Additional activities in language/speaking skills through show and tell and storytelling.
  • Reinforcement of positive attitudes such as respect for teachers and others, helping, sharing, taking turns, caring, using good manners and listening.
  • Opportunities to praise God through song, spontaneous prayer and reciting prayers.

If you have any questions about Extend-A-Day or would like more information, please contact Mrs. Kate Richard, our Extend-A-Day coordinator, Mrs. Darci Mosher, our 3K teacher, or Mrs. Andrea Rechek and Mrs. Diana Skare, our 4K teachers, or our school office: 920-885-5558.