2019-2020 FootballMania - 10 week season has finished!

Did you know Footballmania has helped St. Katharine Drexel raise over $335,000 in profit in the past 12 seasons? SKDS profits $14 for every ticket sold. This is a fantastic fundraiser for St. Katharine Drexel!  This year we hope to raise over $20,000 in this fun, entertaining sweepstakes raffle.  Profit is directed straight to the daily operation of our school.  Please consider buying a ticket for yourself and as gifts! They make excellent “back-to-college” gifts, birthday gifts, and anytime gifts. Tickets cost just $20 each or take advantage of the 3 tickets for $50 sale!  Thank you so much for your support! Your generosity has made a real impact on the ability for SKDS to continue providing a Quality, Faith-filled Catholic Education to the children of St. Katharine Drexel Parish.

If you need more information, contact: Marybeth Schessow (608) 212-8782, the Parish Center 887-2082, the School Office 885-5558 or any SKD School Family.


Ticket # Winner City
46 Roger Arenz Onalaska, WI
89 Virjean Harstvedt Santa Rosa Beach, FL
1876 Mike West Deforest, WI
1665 Penny Schumann Fox Lake, WI
1953  Dan Grinnell Clyman, WI
1599 Marge Jorgensen Beaver Dam, WI
1595 Jerry Zehren Beaver Dam, WI
252 Beth Jewell Beaver Dam, WI
2023 Sean Dingeldein Brookfield, WI
1034 Nathan Riveira Seattle, WA
Random Winner
  Lori Kief Madison, WI


Ticket # Winner City
1961 Charles Simmons Clyman, WI
225 Sue Hollnagel Fox Lake, WI
2077 Natalie Evans Beaver Dam, WI
2284 Jill Nampel Beaver Dam, WI
1364 Sherry Whitman Escanaba, MI
2282 Jerome Dehler Randolph, WI
1886 Denise Hamann Madison, WI
2215 Steve Krebsbach Beaver Dam, WI
999 Vickie Kaul Beaver Dam, WI
Random Winner
  Tracey Stiemsma Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
1964 Dan Porte Oconomowoc, WI
1379 Carly Rake Beaver Dam, WI
2109 Mark Roedl Beaver Dam, WI    
2116 Arturo Javier Beaver Dam, WI
1566 Jim Bohl Beaver Dam, WI  
1383 Cathy Cigelske Cambria, WI
1369 Carly Rake Beaver Dam, WI  
1375 Joe Rake Beaver Dam, WI    
Random Winner 
  Britta Perry Randolph, WI


Ticket # Winner City
143 Darwin Anderson Big Rapids, MI
1150 Kim Hopp New Holstein, WI
2494 Laurie Skalitzky Waupun, WI
2081 Woody Jones Juneau, WI
1808 Mel Meagher Randolph, WI
1535 Ann Likhterev Henrico, VA
56 Sam Galaviz Watertown, WI
1925 Adrienne Arthur Randolph, WI
759 Chris Meagher Randolph, WI
Random Winner
  David Hosking Black Earth, WI


Ticket # Winner City
751 Dan Meagher Randolph, WI
1901 Al Felt Sun Prairie, WI
1921 Paula Tomashek Beaver Dam, WI
1209 Richard Hupf Beaver Dam, WI
Random Winner
  Jennifer Stehling Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
1989 Michael Herbrand Grafton, WI
520 Brian Ambrosius Beaver Dam, WI
2009 Daniel Jakubowski Milwaukee, WI
1150 Kim Hopp New Holstein, WI
122 Tracy Gundert Beaver Dam, WI
Random Winner
  Jen Jacobson Kewaskum, WI


Ticket # Winner City
1571 Casey Schaalma Beaver Dam, WI
1877 Rory O’Donnell Madison, WI 
1537 Allen Okon Beaver Dam, WI    
949 Tom Kaminski Randolph, WI
1945 Mary Beth Schade Beaver Dam, WI
53 Larry Ames LaCrescent, MN
1199 Dan Koehn Beaver Dam, WI
1965 Dan Porte Oconomowoc, WI
2103 Mary Rautenberg Beaver Dam, WI
906 Allie Hartl Beaver Dam, WI
Random Winner
  Marge Herbers Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
182 Eileen Backhaus Beaver Dam, WI
951 Adam Hupf Beaver Dam, WI   
1666 Stan Tadych Beaver Dam, WI    
2454 Grant Armstrong Beaver Dam, WI
Random Winner
  Mark Schmelzkopf Madison, WI


Ticket # Winner City
1360 Katie Straseske Beaver Dam, WI
2180 Shannon Neuman  
184 Ray Oestreich Beaver Dam, WI    
 325  Grant Armstrong Beaver Dam, WI
491  Jasmine Hildebrandt  Fox Lake, WI
 2216 Steve Krebsbach  Beaver Dam, WI  
 2293 Sharon Kalinosky  Beaver Dam, WI  
 877 Jack Hankes    
Random Winner 
  Gordy Otto Beaver Dam, WI


Ticket # Winner City
 1986 Barb Marthaler  Beaver Dam, WI
154   Norm Carpenter Reed City, MI 
2073  Trudy Welp   Oregon, WI
 1611  Harry Manning Beaver Dam, WI  
182  Eileen Backhouse  Beaver Dam, WI  
 2459 Connie Fiegel  Beaver Dam, WI  
239   Beth Jewell Beaver Dam, WI  
503   Mark Born Beaver Dam, WI  
Random Winner 
   Amy Huffman  Madison, WI