2018-2019 FootballMania - 10 week season has ended! See all the winners below.

Did you know Footballmania has helped St. Katharine Drexel raise over $335,000 in profit in the past 12 seasons? SKDS profits $14 for every ticket sold. This is a fantastic fundraiser for St. Katharine Drexel!  This year we hope to raise over $20,000 in this fun, entertaining sweepstakes raffle.  Profit is directed straight to the daily operation of our school.  Please consider buying a ticket for yourself and as gifts! They make excellent “back-to-college” gifts, birthday gifts, and anytime gifts. Tickets cost just $20 each or take advantage of the 3 tickets for $50 sale!  Thank you so much for your support! Your generosity has made a real impact on the ability for SKDS to continue providing a Quality, Faith-filled Catholic Education to the children of St. Katharine Drexel Parish.

 If you need more information, want to buy or are willing to sell tickets, contact: Mike Kaul 885-3964, Beth Jewell 763-4963, Jill Kaufmann 344-1352, the Parish Center 887-2082, the School Office 885-5558 or any SKD School Family.


Ticket # Winner City
1930 Allison Seufzer Beaver Dam 
2795 Fred Minnig Beaver Dam 
291 Ed Corcoran Windsor, WI
1092 Jack & Deb Hankes Beaver Dam 
1683 Drew Bader Beaver Dam 
1596 Rose Poels Beaver Dam 
1535 Dustin Dranovosky Brookfield, WI
87 Dan Jakubowski Milwaukee, WI
2364 Gordy Otto Beaver Dam 
1913 Rebecca Schultz Beaver Dam 

Random Winner

2974 Jeffrey Mohns Beaver Dam 



Ticket # Winner City
414 Nicole White Fox Lake, WI 
700 Jon Dowe Beaver Dam 
380 Fred Minnig Beaver Dam 
368 Lois Levenhagen Beaver Dam 
2188 Diane Retzlaff Randolph, WI
1419 Sally Miller Montello, WI
2198 Cody Wetterau Wis. Rapids, WI

Random Winner

2038 David Schumann Beaver Dam 


Ticket # Winner City
2215 Terry & Martha White Beaver Dam 
1488 Carl Guse Oconomowoc. WI
2386 Darwin Anderson Big Rapids, MI
2364 Gordy Otto Beaver Dam 
1224 Jill Kehrmeyer Beaver Dam 
1338 Ben Larson Beaver Dam 
2972 Rob & Michelle Radig Beaver Dam 
1018 Matt Cardinal Fond du Lac, WI
414 Nicole White Fox Lake, WI
2421 Tom Budde Beaver Dam 
2316 Tom Penza Omro, WI

Random Winner

1671 Allison Quest Reeseville, WI


Ticket # Winner City
1866 Judy Schessow  Beaver Dam 
3 Dorothy Stegner Beaver Dam 
1271 Andreya Armstrong Beaver Dam 

Random Winner

1337 Pat Schepp Columbus, WI


Ticket # Winner City
2318 Sue Brost Watertown, WI
1442 Diego Salgado Brito Mayville, WI
2328 Joe Penza Watertown, WI
912 Beth Ray Markesan, WI
417 Pam Mahal Wabasso, MN
2354 Jerome Dehler Randolph, WI
2789 Fred Minnig Beaver Dam 
1418 Richard Hupf Beaver Dam 
1829 Jody Hildebrandt Beaver Dam 
150 Amanda Galaviz Appleton, WI

Random Winner

2380 Larry Carou Reed City, MI


Ticket # Winner City
2000 Jeanne Atamdede Palos Verdes Estates, CA
2338 Janine Jorgensen  Beaver Dam 
328 Gene Swanson Beaver Dam 
1399 Bill Vossekuil  Beaver Dam 
1535 Dustin Dranonovsky Brookfield, WI
1870 Woody Jones Juneau, WI

Random Winner

2995 Linda DeJager   Beaver Dam 


Ticket # Winner City
907 Stan and Carol Tadych Beaver Dam 
329 Judy Hafemann Beaver Dam 
2458 Barbara Nortman Beaver Dam 
2427 Johan Peterson Richmond, VA
1317 Cindy Schwantes Beaver Dam
2765 Greg Steil Beaver Dam 
1024 Chris Ingram Beaver Dam 
1771 Suzie Reissmann Beaver Dam
462 Howard Vredeveld Lowell, WI
2793 Gini Hankes Beaver Dam
278 Wolfman Kraus Madison, WI
2365 Patrick Tratar Beaver Dam

Random Winner


Ticket # Winner City
263 Maureen Steil Sparks, NV
1998 Liz Schuh Wausau, WI
455 Michelle Radig Beaver Dam 
1868 Judy Schessow  Beaver Dam 
598 Emily Bates Beaver Dam 
1871 Al Okon  Beaver Dam 

Random Winner

 2991 Connie Fiegel   Beaver Dam 


Ticket # Winner City
1773 Scott Petrack Beaver Dam 
2970 Jodee Rechek Beaver Dam 
1944 Lindsay Sherron Beaver Dam 
899 Francisco Banda Beaver Dam 
2362 Stevie Tratar Gainesville, FL
378 Steven Voigt Beaver Dam 
2981 Joey Kaul Beaver Dam 
467 Jessica Jagroe DeForest, WI
2199 Erin Wetterau Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Random Winner

 2965 Dave Leffler Dave Leffler


Ticket # Winner City
 7 William Hoch  Bozeman, MT 
2388   Larry Caron  Reed City, MI  
 1277  Grant Armstrong Beaver Dam 
1417   Richard Hupf  Beaver Dam 
2279   Corey Geiger Muckwonago, WI  
1438   Juana Lopez  Beaver Dam 
 2509  Carol Klas   Beaver Dam 
1421   Richard Hupf   Beaver Dam 

Random Winner

   Kevin Fude Fox Lake