Grade 6

I am very happy that you made the decision to send your child to SKDS. Thank you! The 6th graders have been working very hard at learning new routines.
In Religion class we have been completing a couple activities to get to know each other. Sixth graders are getting adjusted to their new Math book. It is a different series than what they used in the lower grades. The first two lessons are on whole number operations and writing and finding values of powers.
This year 6th graders will be studying Ancient Civilizations in Social Studies class. We did a fun two day activity where we tried to survive on our own and then as a group. Both days we needed food, water, and shelter. It was much easier to do as a group. This helped us to see the factors that contributed to the formation of the first human societies.
Upcoming Events:
Friday, September 20-Retreat
Friday, September 27-6th Graders Lead Mass, come pray with us!
As always, any questions or concerns, please contact me.
Mrs. Susan Pokey

Social Studies


The SKDS students have been working well on a variety of art projects. Kindergarten is moving to a fall favorite, torn paper owls.  Each owl has a personality of its own! The first grade is busy with a colorful design project, tracing their own hands and feet. Second grade is incredibly enthusiastic about their cityscapes. Crazy hair art is a third grade favorite. I invite you to check out the ART GALLERY link below as their work is featured in the gallery. Self portraits have captured the attention of our 4th graders. The back of the portrait will include four things that define who they are. Namegame is a lesson on the formation of basic block style lettering and the fifth graders are quickly becoming "font masters". Middle school students are progressing well. The sixth graders are working on creative, colorful and very busy project. We refer to it as "how art speaks to me". If you display your child's art work, seventh graders are finishing up on a personal favorite.  It's a watercolor painting of a tree with a stain glass appearance. They are beautiful! Our eight grade artist have worked diligently to develop shading skills using Prismacolor colored pencils. 



Welcome back to school!  It is so exciting to gather again and be part of this wonderful SKDS Family.  We are already engaging in a number for creative and colorful projects. You may be new to our family or just need a friendly reminder, but the majority of the art projects will remain at school to be displayed for our Festival of Educational Arts.  Mark your calendar for Thursday, January 30th, 6:30-8:00 pm. Bring your family and friends for an evening of fun.

Please feel free contact me with any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Jenkins