Each child is a unique individual, cherished by a loving God and blessed with individual gifts and talents. At SKDS we are thankful for each child and strive to impart to each one that s/he is special. We encourage the full development of each child physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually with the help of his/her parents, who are a child's primary teachers.


Our goals are to help the child:

  1. Develop positive self-concepts through increased awareness of his/her God-given characteristics and abilities;
  2. Develop positive concepts about family, friends, church, and school;
  3. Learn about a loving and caring God by discovering and appreciating the world around him/her;
  4. Increase his/her awareness of and appreciation for the five primary senses;
  5. Develop Christian attitudes of sharing, taking turns, helping, listening, thanking, and celebrating; and
  6. Progress in his/her development in the areas of Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Language, Social, and Cognitive Skills.

Three-Day Program Description

Our three-day preschool program, for three to four year old children, is based on the theme "Thank you, God."

The "Thank-you, God" program focuses on God's creation and all those things for which we are thankful.

The theme is designed to:

  1. Help each child discover God's gifts, and
  2. Make each child more aware of the world around him/her.

Young children enjoy feeling good about their environment and about themselves. Positive Christian attitudes of loving, sharing, helping, and caring are developed and emphasized throughout the year.

Admissions Policy

Saint Katharine Drexel School offers a Preschool program for children of any faith.

The Preschool session is for children who are three years old by September 1 of the year enrolled.