Staff Member: Mrs. Judy Wilson

Mrs. Judy Wilson

Phone: 920-885-5558
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Mrs. Judy Wilson is our Technology Coordinator/Network Administrator at St. Katharine Drexel School. She assists school and parish center staff members with all of their technological needs. During computer-assisted classes, Mrs. Wilson is on hand to teach students how to operate the programs, navigate the World Wide Web, and troubleshoot.
Mrs. Wilson keeps busy maintaining all of the school computers, printers, and servers. She also advises the Yearbook Committee and works with the administrative staff on countless other tasks for the school.
Mrs. Wilson was born and raised in East Bristol, Wis., with four brothers and four sisters. She is married and has two sons and three grandsons and one granddaughter. In her free time, she enjoys (you guessed it) some computer-related activities. She also likes to do some woodworking, making ornamental pieces for the yard or indoors. In the spring and summer, she enjoys her flower and vegetable gardens.
What is Mrs. Wilson’s favorite thing about her job? She said, “That’s a really hard thing to describe. To say ‘the environment’ just doesn’t cut it. The staff, students, and administrators are all part of it but it’s more than that. There is a warm and wonderful atmosphere that makes working here very special.”
Mrs. Wilson advises students, “Try to find out how you learn. Do you need to hear it? Do you need to see it? Do you need to feel it? How do YOU learn best? Understanding how you learn goes a long way in making learning fun and easier.”

Photo of Mrs. Judy Wilson