2021-2022 FootballMania - 10 week season results are in!

When the event is running, you can track your card to see if you won: Charity Mania

Did you know Footballmania has helped St. Katharine Drexel raise over $373,915 in profit since the beginning in 2004? SKDS profits $14 for every ticket sold. This is a fantastic fundraiser for St. Katharine Drexel!  This year we hope to raise over $20,000 in this fun, entertaining sweepstakes raffle.  Profit is directed straight to the daily operation of our school.  Please consider buying a ticket for yourself and as gifts! They make excellent “back-to-college” gifts, birthday gifts, and anytime gifts. Tickets cost just $20 each!  Thank you so much for your support! Your generosity has made a real impact on the ability for SKDS to continue providing a Quality, Faith-filled Catholic Education to the children of St. Katharine Drexel Parish.

If you need more information, contact: Marybeth Schessow at (608) 212-8782, the Parish Center at (920) 887-2082, the School Office at (920) 885-5558, or any SKD School Family.

WEEK 10 WINNERS 1/10/2022

Ticket # Winner City
3459 Tom Meagher Randolph, WI
3576 Tom Budde Beaver Dam, WI
2102 Mary Holcomb Murphysboro, IL
Random Winner
  Eric Beltran Beaver Dam, WI

WEEK 9 WINNERS 12/29/2020

Ticket # Winner City
2092 Dan Fischer Watertown, WI
3603 Molli Mack Beaver Dam, WI
2434 Robert Reyes Randolph, WI
2754 Pat Soetenga Shawano, WI
Random Winner
  Dan Napralla Beaver Dam, WI

WEEK 8 WINNERS 12/28/2021

Ticket # Winner City
2478 Steve Kelnhofer Fond du Lac, WI
2018 Dan Meagher Randolph, WI
3018 Maria Lepe Beaver Dam, WI
3585 Alicia Sether Beaver Dam, WI
3541 Nora Minnig Beaver Dam, WI
2661 Alayna Quest Reeseville, WI
Random Winner
  Matt Schaalma Sheboygan, WI

WEEK 7 WINNERS 12/22/2021

Ticket # Winner City
2027 Rene Decker Fox Lake, WI
2920 Allen Tallman Beaver Dam, WI
3243 Holly Buchda Beaver Dam, WI
2013 Mike Meagher Randolph, WI
Random Winner
  Heather Scholz Beaver Dam, WI

WEEK 6 WINNERS 12/14/2021

Ticket # Winner City
2857 Jennifer Stehling Beaver Dam, WI
2147 Edward Alvin Beaver Dam, WI
2403 Bernie Hafenstein Beaver Dam, WI
2316 Hilcia Montes Beaver Dam, WI
2477 Mike Kelnhofer Kenosha, WI
Random Winner
  Jack Hankes Beaver Dam, WI

WEEK 5 WINNERS 12/7/2021

Ticket # Winner City
2045 Rita Otto Beaver Dam, WI
3016 Ana Bell Moreno Beaver Dam, WI
2073 David Kleindl Beaver Dam, WI
2082 David Kleindl Beaver Dam, WI
2065 Jim Hankes Beaver Dam, WI
2765 Samantha Hembrough Beaver Dam, WI
Random Winner
  Bre Stange Beaver Dam, WI

WEEK 4 WINNERS 11/30/2021

Ticket # Winner City
2912 Nathan Eggers Beaver Dam, WI
3733 Nate Smith Beaver Dam, WI
3681 Pat Kluz Beaver Dam, WI
3811 Christopher Neuman Beaver Dam, WI
3738 Sam Greshay Beaver Dam, WI
2167 Andreya Armstrong Beaver Dam, WI
3555 Juanita Garcia Waupun, WI
3600 Kevin Shaver Beaver Dam, WI
3845 Helen Leiting Beaver Dam, WI
Random Winner
  LeAnn Anderson Fond du Lac, WI

WEEK 3 WINNERS 11/23/2021

Ticket # Winner City
3799 Abby Klodowski Schultz Beaver Dam, WI
3710 Nancy Leech Beaver Dam, WI
Random Winner
  Kayla Larson Beaver Dam, WI

WEEK 2 WINNERS 11/16/2021

Ticket # Winner City
2474 Kristin Wetterau Fox Lake, WI
3249 Suzie Reissmann Beaver Dam, WI
2859 Jennifer Stehling Beaver Dam, WI
2657 Maddy VerHage Waupun, WI
3294 Richard Cigelske Beaver Dam, WI
2033 Denise Williams Sun Prairie, WI
Random Winner
  Karen Gibson Juneau, WI

WEEK 1 WINNERS 11/9/2021

Ticket # Winner City
2476 Kristin Wetterau Fox Lake, WI
2147 Edward Alvin Beaver Dam, WI
2757 Harly Bureda Winter Haven, FL
2216 Jason Pierre Greenville, WI
3979 Norman Carpenter Reed City, MI
Random Winner
  Kim Hopp New Holstein, WI