Our Faith

See You at Mass Video Series

Fr. John Baumgardner, September 24, 2020

Fr. Ricardo Martín, October 29, 2020

Our faith is incorporated into everything we do.  Some of the ways we include faith in the curriculum include:  religion class first thing in the morning; class discussions in science, social studies, reading, language, and math; prayers for events, concerns, and people as part of morning announcements; our school newsletter which includes names of people in need of our prayers; religiously-themed school decorations and bulletin boards; our annual school theme which is found on calendars, letter closings, and newsletters; and our discipline system which incorporates religious teachings as a learning tool. 

All our teachers and administrators must become certified in the area of Religious Education and must maintain this certification.  The faculty/staff begins the year with a Day of Spiritual Reflection, and in-services and communications throughout the year continue to help the staff remember how important our faith is in educating our young people.

Outside of the classroom, faith is included in our daily and yearly activities.  Each year, all grades from K – 8 make an annual retreat (some join the students at St. Mary’s in Mayville).  Other activities such as the Living Rosary, the Shadow Way of the Cross, the Living Stations, weekly school masses and special liturgies make the word of the Lord come alive for our school community.

Throughout the year, we regularly incorporate Catholic Social Justice issues through service projects.  Some of these projects include:  collecting food donations; visiting nursing homes and making decorations for residents; helping with Clothes for Kids; planning Penny Wars to raise funds for various causes; and working within the parish community as servers, lectors, communion distributors, cantors, and religious education teachers.