Home and School

The Home & School Association is an organization bringing together students, parents, and teachers from our school. This group plans fundraising and other activities relating to the welfare of the entire school community.

President: Abby Klodowski - abbyklodowski@gmail.com
Vice President: Kayla Oleskow - kaylaoleskow@gmail.com
Treasurer: Kayla Larson - larsonkm31@gmail.com

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6th Annual Fun Run Time! 
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Meeting Minutes

2023-2024 Minutes

March 6, 2024

February 21, 2024

January 17, 2024

2022 - 2023 Minutes

January 5, 2023 Meeting was canceled due to a conflicting Glitz fundraising committee meeting.

September Minutes
2020 - 2022:  Hiatus due to Covid-19

2019-2020 Minutes

September Minutes

2018-2019 Minutes

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2017-2018 Minutes

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