Support St. Katharine Drexel Parish School
by shopping with Scrip!

What is Scrip? 
Scrip is a dollar-for-dollar gift card fundraiser for St. Katharine Drexel School Families and Friends.   
Watch this 1:18 video and learn more about how to earn funds through Scrip purchased through RaiseRight

Who Benefits from Scrip? 
Our school benefits with proceeds from the program going toward the school and parish budget and if parents choose, it can also help offset tuition costs

How is School Tuition Offset? 
Proceeds earned from Scrip purchases are split between the budget and a student's (or family's) tuition costs.  NOTE:  If you would like your rebates directed to a particular family/student, you must fill out the form included to indicate where your Scrip proceeds will be directed.  School Tuition Offset Form

How does Scrip Work? 
Gift cards (physical or ecards) are purchased at a discount and sold at full value.  Our profit is earned by the discount or rebate amount and the amount purchased.     

How Do You Order Scrip? 
There are a few ways to purchase scrip: 

  1. Purchase by completing a scrip order form that is sent to the Scrip Office, placed in the SKDS Family Folder, or completed after Mass. Scrip orders made with the order form must be paid before it will be filled. 
  2. Purchase with a Standing Order that will be filled at the frequency you set up: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.   Order is paid when it is picked up from the scrip office, after mass or for school families - sent home in the Family Folder during the school year.   
  3. Purchase it through RaiseRight and pay for it securely online with a connected bank account or credit card.  (Please contact Allison at for the enrollment code.)

RaiseRight can be downloaded to your phone or you can log into from your personal computer. Watch this video to learn how to get started with the app or  visit It's so easy! 

Either way you purchase, our school earns the rebate, and more importantly, you aren't spending more than you otherwise would on everyday purchases such as groceries and gas.  There are hundreds of merchants participating in Scrip - even travel and lodging!    

Check out our current scrip order form which offers popular stores, restaurants, and gas stations in the local Beaver Dam/Dodge County area. 

Enter the quantities and dollar amounts, total your sheet, and turn in your order.  All Scrip orders must by in by Monday at 8:00 am to the parish office (school families can return the order in the family folder).  Checks should be made payable to: SKDS Scrip.  You can also purchase Scrip after Mass in the church lobby.  NOTE: You can order Scrip to pay for your Kohl's bill. You just take the card into the store to make payment.  

When Do You Pick Up Your Scrip? 
Orders will be filled during the week and may be picked up in the parish office, or after any weekend Mass.  School family orders will be sent home in the Family Folder.  Scrip users who set up an account on RaiseRight will need to connect it to a bank account or credit card.  (See "How-To" videos above for more information on RaiseRight.)

Can You Order Scrip Every Week? 
Scrip can be purchased after each weekend Mass - several cards are available for direct purchase or the order may need to be placed and picked up the following week.  The Standing Order form works very well for those ongoing purchases such as groceries and gas.  The Scrip Office is open on Fridays from 8:00 until 9:30 AM for purchases as well. 

What If You Have Questions? 
Please call the Scrip Office at 920.887.2082 ext. 306 if you have any questions.