Scrip Cards Scrip Cards

The SKDS Scrip Program Needs to Make $481 in profit each week to make our goal of $30,000.

Online Scrip Purchase Instructions

Scrip Profit Sharing/Tuition credit for School Families: Introduction Letter

Scrip Waiver and Profit Designation Form 2020-2021


Joining Our Scrip Program

When and where can I buy scrip?

  1. Weekly by using your Scrip Envelope which comes home in Family Folders
  2. After weekend Masses
  3. Friday Mornings at the Parish Center from 8-9:30AM
  4. Customers can also establish an account at, link it to our school enrollment code, and purchase scrip online and with their smartphone. Contact the Scrip office for more information, we are happy to help!

Scrip Order Form

Shop With Scrip Participating Retailers

Standing Scrip Order Form

Looking for a gift card that's not on our regular list? Take a look at the Shop with Scrip website to see all national scrip available to order.

You can also check out the videos that show you how to purchase SCRIP right from an app on your phone.

Annual Goal: $25,000

Please remember to turn in your orders first thing Monday morning or you may not receive it back on Friday. Scrip Office is open on Fridays from 8-9:30AM for walk-in purchases. You may also purchase scrip in the back of church after weekend Mass.

Would you like a painless way to financially help our school as you do your regular shopping?

Scrip is the answer!

Example: When you purchase $50 of Scrip, you will be able to purchase $50 in merchandise from the participating store. The merchant donates a percentage (average 4%) back to our school, and it costs you NOTHING.

How will the school and parish benefit?

By using Scrip as a third source funding, less money is needed from tuition and from the parish to meet expenses. 

Can this really work? Yes! Last year alone, we were able to put over $50,000 into the school budget with this program. And, it doesn’t cost YOU a penny more than what you would be spending at the store.

What is Scrip? Scrip is a gift certificate or prepaid card that you can use for your regular shopping at participating merchants. As a result, the school will benefit by 2% - 20% of the value of  your Scrip.

How do I participate?

- Fill out the attached order sheet

- Enclose a check made out to SKDS Scrip

- Give it to a volunteer after any weekend Mass, drop it off at the Parish Center on Monday before 9AM, or send to school in your child’s Scrip envelope.

- Scrip is ready for pick up the following weekend after Mass, or Friday morning at the Scrip Office.  You may also have it delivered to you in your child’s Scrip envelope.

Try it; it’s easy!

Scrip Made Easy:

  1.  Order cards to where you normally shop.
  2. Go shopping.
  3. Use your Scrip gift cards to pay for your order.

 It’s that simple -- and the school just received a small profit!